The focus of the centre is to promote driver safety and worlds best practices which aims to deliver a positive impact by reducing road accidents, injuries and deaths.

The Queensland Government and CD have a shared vision to reduce the road toll in Queensland with a jointly held core commitment to deliver to the community a broad range of road safety initiatives through innovative, educational and practical driving programs.  

The CD and the State of Queensland have a long history of delivering on a range of driver training and safety initiatives to frontline essential services, organisations and individuals for the benefit of all Queenslanders.

Part of CD’s focus on providing meaningful community facilities is the desire to own and operate a state of the art driver training centre for the benefit of the community.  The centre would be available to individuals, families, commercial organisations (including national and international organisations) and Queensland Government agencies. 

The focus of the centre is to promote driver safety and best practices which aims to have a positive impact by reducing road accidents, injuries and deaths.

CD and the Queensland Government have entered into a Market Led Proposal (MLP) process to negotiate the transfer of ownership to CD that aims to deliver on the strategy of safer drivers, in safer vehicles on safer roads and the continued viability of the centre within the road safety industry.

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Get the Facts

Is CD turning Mt Cotton into a race track?

It is important to CD that all commercial based activities are for the benefit of the community and further driver training, knowledge and awareness within a facility that is state of the art and world class. It is also important to note that CD has no intention, now or in the future, to utilise this facility for any motor racing purposes.
Will the centre turn into an CD Member’s only facility?
CD is committed to ensure that all segments of the community continue to have access to the centre now and into the future.  There will be events that directly relate to CD and its members, however, there is no intent to restrict Government and the community from hiring the centre.
How will CD’s purchase of Mt Cotton impact my business?
CD will meet with all of the existing commercial hirers of the centre to discuss their business requirements and ongoing needs.  CD is committed to ensure that all activities that operate within the centre align to the strategy of safer drivers, in safer vehicles on safer roads.
Which areas of the facility will CD be investing within the centre?
Part of the stakeholder engagement process will be to discuss specific needs and requirements of stakeholders into the future.  This will allow CD to prioritise how it will develop the site to ensure the centre is enhanced to world class standards.   
Is it CD’s intention to redevelop the site into a housing estate into the future?
CD is committed to the centre remaining as a centre of excellence for driver safety now and into the future.
If you intend to increase the usage of the centre there will no doubt be an increase in noise that will impact on the neighbourhood.  How will you address this?
CD will work with both the hirer’s of the centre and the community to ensure the facility operates within the required and allowable legal limits.  Where a member of the community believes the centre is operating outside of these limits a formal disputes resolution process will be implemented to address these concerns.
Is Mt Cotton a strategic asset for the Queensland Government?
Mt Cotton is not a strategic asset, as the site is not integral to the strategic direction of the Queensland Government. Instead, the delivery of driver safety initiatives can best be achieved and deliver the community benefits and objectives by CD.

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