Managing the CD account of a lost family member or friend

Nothing can prepare you for the loss of a loved one and, at CD, we’re here to help during this difficult time. We understand it can be hard knowing what to do next, which is why we have prepared a brochure to guide you through the process and make things a little easier. In this brochure you'll find information regarding:

  • how to notify us
  • cancel or make changes to a policy or account
  • how to transfer membership years
  • closing a bank account
  • required documentation

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Let us guide you through the process to make things a little easier

Step 1

Notify us

You do not need to have received the death certificate when initially notifying CD of the member’s death.

We will need the name, date of birth, address and/or membership number of the member who has passed away and details for the Estate Representative. Once we receive the notification we will register the member as deceased and update CD records to ensure all marketing subscriptions, including The Road Ahead magazine, are stopped.

Where applicable we will the Estate Representative to obtain relevant documentation and further instructions. Some policies and accounts may remain active until this occurs.

In relation to your CD Credit Cards, please visit

Step 2

Transfer Membership Years

If your spouse or partner was a member and has passed away, you can have any loyalty benefits they accrued during your relationship or marriage credited to your personal membership.

This can be requested at any time from when CD is notified that the Member has passed away.

Step 3

Cancel or make changes to a policy or account

In most cases, we will need to see or obtain a copy of the death certificate (or other accepted forms of evidence) to cancel or make eligible changes to the policies or accounts of passed members.

CD must comply with certain legal and regulatory requirements before finalising any accounts of the passed member. Further documents may be required depending on individual accounts held by the passed member.

Please be aware that different teams within CD manage different products, and they may you separately to confirm details or obtain additional documentation.

Step 4

For more information regarding managing the account of a deceased estate, simply download our brochure below.

Download brochure

Download document checklist