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No1 Lounges

Save 20% on lounges and pre-flight hospitality across Australia and the UK

Lounges include:


A diffusion brand designed for social lounging in a loft-style setting, with casual seating, games room and grazing menu.

Locations: Brisbane International, Gatwick North & South Terminals.


International brand, with contemporary design offering diverse dining choices and world-class hospitality.

Locations: Sydney Terminal 1, Melbourne Terminal 2, Heathrow Terminal 4.


Largest, flagship lounges, providing a choice of experiences from fully-tended bars, to bistros and quiet libraries.

Locations: Heathrow Terminal 3, Gatwick North & South Terminals, Birmingham, Edinburgh.


Most premium UK brand offers individual private rooms, full table service, champagne, cocktails and a la carte dining.

Locations: Gatwick North & South Terminals, Luton, Birmingham.

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No1 Lounges

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