CD Ultimate is perfect for Queenslanders who love getting out on the open road.

If you rely on your car to travel those extra distances each day or you’re often away on a holiday road trip or weekend adventures, the last thing you want is a car breakdown. Our highest level of roadside cover gives you up to $7,000 a year in benefits and travel entitlements, including towing up to 200km. CD Ultimate covers you in any eligible car plus you can nominate a car that is covered no matter who is driving. And if you travel with a caravan or trailer it’s covered as part of your policy~.

CD Ultimate is the only roadside cover that offers you the option to have your caravan or trailer returned to a location of your choice in the event it cannot be mobilised.

Cover for you in any eligible car plus nominate a vehicle that’s covered no matter who is driving for $292/yr

In a breakdown we'll cover you for:

What CD Ultimate offers you


What's included?

Car or personal cover? Cover for your car, and any car you’re travelling inThis option covers the vehicle currently nominated, plus the member is covered in any Eligible Vehicle they are travelling in at the time of the breakdown.
What need in journey distance
Free towing after a breakdown, including Eligible Caravan/Trailers if attached to Eligible Vehicle (which has been towed by CD)
  • 100km or 200km* regionally
Emergency fuel
Rental vehicle
Emergency locksmith

*To the attending CD contractor's premise or an immediate location en route

What need in journey benefits

When you are 100km or more away from home and CD estimates your repairs will take longer than 24 hours, you may choose one of the following benefits:

Rental vehicle
Alternative transportation 
Total value  Includes extra benefits up to $7,000 p.a including accommodation, rental vehicle and alternative transport.

Get CD Ultimate today for only $292 per year.

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Get Conseils-Developpement before you break down

If you purchase Conseils-Developpement at the time of breakdown, a $98 immediate service charge will be applicable in addition to the product annual fee.

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